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Accident: An unplanned injurious or damaging event which interrupts the normal progress of an activity. An accident may be seen as resulting from a failure to identify a hazard or from some inadequacy in an existing system of hazard controls. See "Disease," "Incident" and "Occurrence."
Activity Check: Is a visual spot check investigation done by a representative of an insurer to observe an employee's physical activity.
Adjuster: Person responsible for the evaluation and settlement of an insured claim.
Aggravation: A permanent worsening of condition, an acceleration, increase in severity, or qualitative worsening of a medical condition brought on by injury, accident, or occupational disease.
Audit: Survey of an insurer's files to determine efficiency and effectiveness in the handling of a claim, and to determine a strategy for the closing as open/active claims.
Average Weekly Wage (AWW): The base amount of weekly wages and benefits that are used to calculate an injured employee's Workers' Compensation rate of pay. (Wages for the 52 weeks prior to the accident).
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